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Q: Do you count email space towards my allotted space?
A: Yes. Any e-mail you have stored on the server counts as storage for your account, therefore, we recommend not storing e-mail on the server. Once you download and read your mail, you should ensure that your e-mail client deletes the mail from the server.
Q: Does the server support POP3 and IMAP?
A: Yes, both are supported.
Q: How to Configuration Email in Outlook Express
A: 1.Open up Outlook then click on the tools menu at the top, then select 'Accounts' from the drop-down menu
2. Press the 'Add' Button and select the submenu 'Mail' option.
3. Once the new window appears, input your name, click next.
4. Select the default option put you email address
As an example, your domain is - your email address could be, Once done, click next.
5. This step configures what servers to use when you are sending mail and receiving it. The settings are as follows:

My Incoming mail server is a POP3 server
Incoming mail server is (POP3)
Outgoing mail server is (SMTP)

once done, click next.

6. Enter you email address and password.. Once done, click next then finish then close. Your account is now setup!
7. To check for email within outlook, simply click on the Send/Recv button located at the top.
Q: What do I use for my POP3 (incoming)/SMTP (outgoing) mail server?
A: You should use for POP/SMTP Server.

Q: What does Subject rewrites and use that in a filter do and how do i enable it [Linux]?
A: Subject rewrite converts the subject of the email to make spam more noticeable.


Subject: I love SPAM, it's better than viagra!
<---Processed by Spam Assassin--->
Subject: *****SPAM***** I love SPAM, it's better than viagra!

So you can do a Subject search for SPAM and automatically delete it using a inbound filter/rule (different term depending on your software)

Otherwise, you have to scan for header: X-Spam-Flag which is set to Yes when it hits your threshhold.
Q: What is Spam Assassin and Spam Box [Linux]?
A: Spamassassin is an opensource spam filter software program.

The Spambox option is for spamassassin to delivery spam messages to an IMAP folder. IF you enable spambox, pop based webmail clients can't see the new IMAP folder. Best thing to do in this situation is to enable Subject rewrites and use that in a filter.

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