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Q: How Do I Manage My Reseller Account?
A: Our all reseller hosting accounts come with two control panels.
1. WHM (WebHost Manager) is the administration control panel
2. cPanel is the end user control panel

With WHM you are able to manage or create your hosting accounts and alote their own cpanel.

Below is some common functions in WHM
Create Hosting package with webspace, bandwidth and add more features with your choice
Upgrade, suspend, modify or terminate your hosting accounts
Hosted account limit like disk space, bandwidth, emails
Select cPanel Theme
Modify and or chnage the users passwords
Check server status.

End user can use the below functions in cPanel
Manage email account include Create, remove, forwarders, autoresponders.
Check website statistics using Webalizer or Urchin.
Check account usages like webspace usage bandwidth usage, server status.
Manage domains, subdomains, and parked domains.
Manage and create MySQL databases using phpmyadmin.
Manage FTP accounts.
Use advanced tools such as cron jobs, hotlink protection.
And Access to pre-installed scripts such as Fantastico.
Q: What is Private Lable Hosting?
A: Private label hosting you can present you as a actual hosting service provider not a reseller, and you customer does not know about your actual web-host provider. In most cases, the customer does not even know that he is using a reseller.
Q: What is Reseller Hosting?
A: In reseller hosting account you buy the space and bandwidth at low price and sell them on hight prices, so select a hosting provider, who provide you private label hosting that your customer could not find out who's behind you. As a reseller you get a control panel Web Host Manager (WHM). WHM is where you go to create your customer accounts and packages. You can create a account filling their account information and instantly set them up their very own control panel called cPanel. This is where they will go to administer their website. Once they are logged into cPanel they can create subdomains, email addresses, change passwords, and much more without requiring any help from you or us.
Q: Will I get my own personalised nameservers?
A: Yes. you can create you own name server like and As using your Domain control panel and add child name server, add your own name server here.

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