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Q: Can I send SPAM? What is your policy on this?
A: Spamming, or the sending of unsollicited email from our servers or using an email address that is related to our company or hosted on any of our servers is STRICTLY prohibited. We consider the sending of spam one of the highest ranked grounds for the immediate termination of the violator of this rule.
Q: Do I need to www in front of my domain name to access my site?
A: No. You can access your website with or without the www in front of your domain name.
Q: Important PATH information on Linux Servers?
A: WWW Directory:

Root Directory:






Q: What are the NS (Name Servers) for Linux & Windows Hosting?
A: You may use the following NS (Name Servers):

Linux Hosting:

Windows Hosting:
Q: What is your backup policy and what is your SLA?
A: We backup daily, weekly and monthly to a second hard drive however always recommend users make their own backups.

We do not have an SLA because we feel that SLA's are used as purely sales tools to try and create false impressions of what the uptime will be like.
Q: What webmail interface do you provide?
A: Linux Server:
Neomail (
Horde (
SquirrelMail (
Q: What's the different between ASCII and BINARY mode? Which mode should I use?
A: ASCII mode is used when transfering plain text files such as HTML documents or scripts. Anything that can be viewed using text editing program should be transfered in ASCII mode.

BINARY mode is used to transfer binary files such as images, executables, zip files, etc. Basically anything that isn't text files.

Some FTP client may have auto-detect method. When using auto-detect, it will automatically determine the mode for the files being transfered. This is very useful because the user doesn't have to worry about switching modes around when transfering a lot of mixed files.
Q: Will I be able to update my site whenever I want to?
A: Yes. You will be able to access your online control panel 24/7 to manage every aspect of your account with HostingOption as well as access your account through FTP to update your site 24 x 7 x 365.

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Reiki Energy Healers
I took the hosting services from Hosting Option and i had a great experience working with them. As for support concern, i got the respnse on time. I am using Standard Hosting Plan Lin 1000, WordPress is working excellent with this plan.