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SEO Tips : search engine optimizer tips

I am not just talking about keywords, ranking and like that. These SEO tips come from my personal experience, research, and also from the experience of others with expertise in SEO

We arranged the web page with the help of boxes and tables, but the search engine gets your html from your web page, which it reads from top to bottom. So, some stuff gets read before other stuff. And this can have repercussions for how a search engine ranks that specific page.

Common Mistakes of SEO and solutions

Let's start from top to bottom

Website Title - <title> tag play a good role in search engine ranking system, so do not waste the title tag to just using the website name or URL. Use most important keywords in the title but not more then two or three, your web page and title must have similarly focus on your used keywords.

<META> Tag - Now, major search engine ignore the <META> keywords tag, Google still ignores all the <META> tags for Page Ranking purpose, but yahoo search technology gives some weight to the keywords and description in <META> tags. Keep your <META> tags short page oriented.

Common HTML tips - Your main web page is most important for search engine ranking.

Use Bold Or Strong - tags around the some of your keywords on each page, do not use on all page where the keywords appears, only two or three is enough.

Header in web page - <H></H> tags around the topic of your web page

Title for Links - Some search engine figure out you links title also for their relevancy for the web page, keep stick on web page content

Anchor Text - Use the anchor text on ALT in <IMG> tags

Bad and Dead links - Be sure all of the links on your pages are valid. Inaccessible pages are liable to be removed from the search engine index. Avoid redirects that rely on JavaScript or <META> tags. These can be considered as "doorway" pages, which violate nearly all search engine guidelines. The W3C offers a good FREE link checker.

Misspell keywords - Misspell your keywords and you're negating your search engine optimization efforts. The sole exception is to include some common misspellings of your keywords in the <body> text of your design pages in order to snare the search engine traffic from user errors.

Here is some common error in <META> tags, because so many webmasters uses 'Save as' work on a new content page but forgets to change the non-visible header area of a page in DreamWeaver, FrontPage or whatever. Never repeat titles or <META> descriptions in a website. Treat each page as if it were the most important and optimize it thoroughly. Don't be tempted to leave the head area without optimization.

May be all the above tips give your page high searching ranking.



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